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Assessment of Mafic, Ultramafic and Granitic Complexes

This project was approved for implementation in the National Development Plan 10 (NDP 10) and was deferred due to insufficient funds. During the third quarter of 2017, partial funding was approved by Government of Botswana, which called for a modified project scope. The initial project scope was first to fill up data gaps by flying high-resolution aeromagnetic survey in the western part of Botswana. Subsequently, to carry out the mineral potential assessment in the rest of the country as an incentive to private sector investment in mineral exploration.

Project Overview

Mafic, Ultramafic and Granitic complexes in Botswana have not been fully explored though known elsewhere to host base Metals and Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). The modified project scope was to interpret aeromagnetic data of northern Botswana together with available geoscience information to produce geological, geophysical, hydrogeological and mineral potential maps. In addition to increasing the extent of geological mapping it will also provide improved information availability and update the National Geological Map of Botswana which was last updated in 1988.

The improved Geological information will stimulate mineral exploration activities in Botswana. The Project is at tendering stage and anticipated that the project will commence in the next financial year (2019/2020).

Download Assessment of Mafic, Ultramafic and Granitic Complexes Map showing the Extent of Geological Mapping as at March 2018Final Progress map_Landscape.

Project Status