Executive Management

BGI Board, subject to predefined limits, has delegated its executive authority to the Executive Committee, (EXCO), headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Other members of the EXCO are; Director, Science Delivery; Director, Corporate Services; Director, Information Delivery; Manager- Legal Services/Board Secretary; Manager, Marketing and Communications and Manager- Strategy and Risk.

The EXCO is accountable for the implementation of strategies, policies, and other decisions approved by the Board and prioritises the allocation of capital, technical and human resources.

Mr. Olefile Cisco Mashabila
Chief Executive Officer

Puso Akanyang
Director, Science Delivery

Kevin K.G Masupe
Director, Corporate Services

Lesego Peter
Director, Information Delivery

Secretary to the Board and Legal Services Manager

James B. Molosankwe
Manager, Marketing and Communications

Mrs Onkemetse Samuel
Manager Internal Audit

Ms Chandapiwa Mogobe
Manager Strategy and Risk