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Geoscience Data and Information Packages

As a custodian of Geoscience Data and Information, Botswana Geoscience Institute is pleased to announce the completion of  three (3) more information and data portals.  These are a result of the process of systems automations and digitisation of information and data to avail information remotely to customers and guide prospective investors in the mining industry in Botswana.

In this section, you can find Botswana’s extensive collections of data, publications, bulletins, thematic (e.g. Geophysical and geological) maps and other online services. BGI is a custodian of geoscience data, which includes publications, reports, various maps, and core samples.

BGI has an established Geoscience Information Centre for the collection and preservation of geoscience data and information. The Centre is accessible for public use and research.

This operation is primarily about dissemination and promotion of geoscience information and data to the public and encourage further mineral exploration by industry. The information is in the form of geological maps at various scales, including non-confidential prospecting license reports, chip and core samples and geographic information system (GIS) and Remote Sensing.  There is a comprehensive collection of earth sciences literature in print and electronic formats, including books, bulletins, journals, maps and reports used in the search for resources across the country.