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Streamlined, Simplified, Accessible
A web-based bank of geoscience data available through 4 integrated applications.
Houses all operations and services
Field Trip Moshaneng Quarry
We offer this services to customers
Main focus is on mineral exploration, core drilling, stratigraphic drilling, water borehole, and drilling for geotechnical studies
Moshaneng Quarry
Thorough investigations on all National Geology
Thorough investigations on all National Geology
Geohazards Monitoring
An investigation of all geohazards with high-tech equipment
Laboratory Services
Adequately equipped with a wide range of modern
instrumentation operated by competent personnel

Our Mandate

Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI), was established to undertake research in the field of geosciences and provide specialised geoscientific services, be a custodian of geoscience information, promote the search for and exploration of any mineral in Botswana and to act as...


The Institute has committed to apply its diverse professional expertise to the prospects and challenges to ensure success in its Mission.

Geological Data Information Various Platforms

Geoscience Publications and Report Portal

A platform that manages Collections, Publications, and data aggregation for research or business insights. Ensures library operations align with global standards. Repository for geoscientific reports, licenses, mineral resources, bibliographies, books, journals, and more Supports consultants, researchers, and businesses with streamlined access to diverse resources.

Botswana Geoscience Portal

An interactive GIS platform with intuitive web maps for multidisciplinary geoscience data search and access. Enables basic map creation, data download, and overlay of diverse datasets. Targets prospecting companies, miners, researchers, and consultants interested in Botswana's mineral potential. Facilitates research and investment by providing comprehensive geoscience insights.

Exploration and Water Borehole Portal - Borehive

A web-based platform that offers a comprehensive borehole information catalog from diverse sources, including mining companies, farmers, and geoscience organisations. Features prospecting records and maps with interactive pinpointing. Vital for farmers, explorers, researchers, and consultants seeking borehole specifics like location, depth, water data, and logs.

Mining Cadastre System (MSC)

A land tenement platform to boost efficiency in mineral rights management. Aims for accuracy, accessibility, and commitment fulfillment. Key for investment, transparency, and foreign direct investment. Targets exploration licenses, mining leases, ownership transfers, permits, inspections, fostering growth.

Latest News

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Board and Management - Strategy Workshop

The Financial Year 2022-23 marks the final lap of the first BGI Strategic Business Plan adopted in 2018 rolling for...

Ms M. Laetsang BGI Laboratories Services Manager MMGE Finanace Manager Mr M. Rapalai & DPS Ms H.N Reaitsanye

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Corporate Services) in the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE) Ms. Hazel N...


Botswana Geoscience Institute’s multimillion-pula project aimed at interpreting and assessing Aeromagnetic Data in Northern Botswana, is on schedule and budget...

Board Chairperson Prof Motsoptse Modisi

Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI) Board of Directors led by its Chairperson Professor Motsoptse Modisi, has expressed their confidence on the...

Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI) is pleased to present to you the Borehole Information System (BIS). This Portal,,  avails...